Surviving COVID-19 in Los Angeles

It’s been hard.

Transitioning to work from home, starting online college, and having happy hour taken away really sucks. But I’ve been surviving these tough times, by staying inside and playing Animal Crossing. I have gotten outside a few times, usually to go get groceries or to go to the drive thru for some food. When I’m not home, I’m usually at my boyfriend’s watching Netflix and sleeping. When we’re not doing that, we try to go outside (with masks on of course) and go for walks.

It’s been weird. Not being able to go shopping in an actual store, have a date at a restaurant or even go dancing at the clubs, but I think I will make it through. This post isn’t an actual update of the pandemic in Los Angeles, just my take on how this is affecting my life and my mental health.

To anyone who reads this, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands. Thanks for reading.


Published by Ashley A.

I started this blog to share my two favorite things: reading and raving.

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